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Not only will you get a great discount on the MiClone Signature Package by taking action now, but you'll also get Tanya, one of our Premium Avatars, absolutely FREE!"

For a limited time we are including the most requested agency license as part of the package. You can sell the videos you create with the MiClones avatars to your clients to help their businesses.

Get the MiClone Signature Set for ONLY $99 $49!

MiClone Signature Package

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

There are 3 problems that virtually everyone using video encounter:


It’s getting more and more difficult to create “sticky” videos that convert your website visitors into action takers.


One of the best converting types of videos are ones with spokespeople in them, but if you’re like most people, you don’t like being on camera.


Avatars are becoming extremely popular in online marketing videos, but you're starting to see the same characters pop up everywhere. Yes, you could get one custom made, but it will cost you $100's!

Problems Solved!


The MiClones in the  Signature Package are custom designed, animated 3-D avatars with super life-like detail. They have animated body movements and are text-to-speech ready. This means you can take these exclusive human-like avatars and use them on your websites as spokespeople. You can even add them to your client's sites and charge a fee.

The best part is, this package of 18 avatars covers a wide range of demographics, which means you'll be able to better connect with the audience you're marketing to. Think about it, you're not going to put a young hipster style avatar on the website of a Mom and Pop restaurant are you? Of course not!  You're going to choose an avatar that reminds you of Grandma's delicious home-cooked meals. This package will give you a HUGE boost to the number of niches and demographics you can provide services to.

Check out all of the MiClones in our Signature Package, below...

Erik the designer spent months illustrating and animating these awesome life-like avatars.

Compatible with Camtasia, DaVinci Resolve, VideoPal and VideoBuilder.

We're also including training on how to
actually get these Avatars into your videos.

Comes in MP4 format, with green screen backgrounds for easy editing


Each of these MiClones could easily cost you $1000 to have custom built. And while it would be nice to have a made-to-order avatar, it just doesn't fit in the budget...

We're offering 18 unique avatars
that are exclusively found here...

and we're not charging $1,000's.

We're not even charging $100's.

The MiClone Signature package has limited availability at the stupid-low price you see right here. But HURRY, we are not going to keep this offer open long.

This Offer May Close At Any Moment!

Get the MiClone Signature Set for ONLY $99 $49!

MiClone Signature Package

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Q) May I sell the videos that I make with the MiClone avatars?

A) Yes, you may sell the videos you create using your MiClone avatars. However, you are NOT allowed to sell the MiClone avatar videos in their original form.

Q) May I still use the MiClone avatars in my projects if I request a refund within 30 days for any given reason?

A) No. This pricing includes the Personal and Agency Rights usage of the avatars. If you request a refund for any reason, you forfeit the right to use the avatars in any of your projects. Full terms are provided with your purchase.

Q) Is there an OTO for this offer?

A) Yes! We are on a mission to create the highest quality 3D avatars for online marketers which takes a great deal of time and resources, so we are offering 2 new avatars every month for the next 6 months. There will be a total of 30 avatars including the 18 in this offer.
Only those who purchase the front end offer will have the opportunity to purchase the 12 upcoming avatars. They get better as we create them and your investment will contribute to helping us make the best 3D avatars available to online marketers. Depending on the response, we may even decide to create two new avatars every month, INDEFINITELY, for a low monthly fee!

Q) Can these avatars be lip sycned?

A) Yes and NO. (Let us explain)
The animation for the avatars is carefully designed so that any text-to-speech or voiceover may be added and the motion can be used together in a universal way. This enables them to be used with any language and presentation. So, the video renders cannot be lip-synced but will work like all other 3D avatars that are currently available for online marketers.
HOWEVER, we are excited to announce that the MiClones are fully integrated into the VideoPal and VideoBuilder apps! So you will have the ability to create lip-synced videos with the MiClone avatars in the VideoBuilder app! So with your purchase, you will have access to the 1080p video renders and unlock the MiClone avatars in both VideoPal and VideoBuilder! If you don’t own VideoBuilder yet then now is the time to buy it because it will unleash the full power of these high quality avatars, giving you lipsync capabilities.

Q)  Can I Download The Videos I Create With VideoBuilder?

A) YES – You can download all the stunning 3D Animation Videos you create in 1080p HD quality. Upload them to video sharing sites like YouTube or use them on your websites and blogs to WOW your audience!

Q) What type of avatars will be included in the OTO?

A) We received a large number of requests for "Millennials," so the remainder of the MiClone avatars will be such and will have a more professional look just as the MiClone Tanya does. (She is in our logo)

Get the MiClone Signature Set for ONLY $99 $49!

MiClone Signature Package

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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